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The first and second parts of a collaborate work. Now it is truly complete, with corrections made in the first part as well.

Follow the events of a day in Van's life, a bachelor pikachu with personal quirks who faces the danger of a hypermasculine, rapist raichu while trying to get on the good side of the ladies.


  1. Parts I and II (23234 words) [Reviews: 1]

    Parts I and II are now integrated into one chapter. Part I's errors have been corrected.

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    Reviewer: ashoka
    Date:Apr 30 2013 Chapter:Parts I and II
    Writing styles conflict at times,as it gets into fanciful wording, then wanes like candle light into a simplicity to resurface like crashing waves. There's no a consistency of style. It's usually the case when co-authoring imo. The story itself is reasonable and comical at times which is enjoyable.
    Author's Response:

    Such is the curse of collaborative writing. But I'm glad you liked it. :)