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A pikachu girl escapes into a cave and finds an unlikely male partner to help keep the cold away. The means to do so escalate, and quickly.

P.S. This is submitted as a round robin in case any of you care to take a crack at a continuation, but the story still works as a one-shot.


The first and second parts of a collaborate work. Now it is truly complete, with corrections made in the first part as well.

Follow the events of a day in Van's life, a bachelor pikachu with personal quirks who faces the danger of a hypermasculine, rapist raichu while trying to get on the good side of the ladies.



Season 2 of Empathic Adventures: Ability/advance/pearl/Morpheus/Negai/Firered shipping. Now that Ash has found out about his aura powers and the fact that he's got four instead of one girlfriend, he now heads to the Unova region and a new challenge. Morsome,M/F,Whip