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Unspoken Child Bearing Mother by jireh


Story Notes:

Now that I'm turning this entry contest to a full blown story, I want to hear your ideas for the progression of the story before writing the ending of the story. More details can be found on the end note of chapter 4

Chapter 3

“Honestly, this once legal business that me and my pals’ built was living decently for a living. Not rich, but suitable enough. But at one point when I had my wife tell me the news of her pregnancy, me and my pals were at this place being robbed and ravaged by wild pokemon. Territorial ones, specifically canine like pokemon, are on the hunt for food since a famine occurred during the approaching winter a few years ago,” picking up the cues of this man’s story, I slowly build the image of his dreadful moments and make my guesses as to why he and his other human partners are illegally forcing young male and female pokemon to breed, “We tried to fend them off by ourselves for we own not a single pokemon at all. That espeon is not one of ours. He’s just a sex slave for us like you, keep that in mind. But what made me change my view … is that … a dominant Luxray … ate my wife. With my unborn kid…” with his immediate stand, he slams his fist into the wall crying out once again. “We managed to fend them off only because they ate my one and only wife. My buddies are close friends with her like security guards watching over our well being. That … is why I refixed this place and capture young pokemon through illegal means. Sleep gas, electric wires, and if seriously needed, we killed the parents by guns and spears. So far, we have not killed a single adult with its children, just slipped them out unnoticed. Now that you’re one of them, you’ll be making eggs for a living for us. As payback for what your kind have done to her…”

Looking at this man as he tells me on what his human wife may look like, a part of me could see this as an opportunity to Sargo’s mission. “…now that you know about my wife, I think that perhaps, in a few days, I could do another sex auction using … you.”

“Tic? Togetic?” “Me? Your sex slave?” I ask.

“From what my buddy guard shared, you are quite the delicate lust feast. Other little girls and males are just ready for selling. If you prove to us how much of a pleasure your vagina can do for multiple men in one big night orgy and earn us enough money for a living, I may spare those little ones for now. Tonight.” Picking me up by the waist, this lonely man carries me back to my prison cage.

“Whenever you feel like proving to my buddies just how better you are sexually than the other pokes, you can let them rape fuck you. At least to prep you for the auction…” as this weeping man puts me down on the floor next to the sleeping young canines, Sargo and his mole buddies come to check at me.

“Dearie, what happened to you? You haven’t returned for a day after you covered the vulpix from being raped by that human.” While Miss Opie cleans my feathery hair and belly, Sargo asks me so many things. When I tell him about the human’s plan on auctioning me as their latest sex slave, he tells me to follow him back to the hole they were digging for days.

When the cover is lift up, this one encounter astounds me. Clothed with thick plates of cloth on its chest, thighs, and legs, it lifts off the circular cap covering its head. “Hello there bro, Sargo. So, this is the togetic you’ve mentioned last night huh?” that honest voice just latches more than its helmet. With the armored human asking me several questions, I give this trustful stranger the answers he wanted. “Colonel. Subject says that the men here are auctioning their latest pokemon tonight.”

“This is too quick for me to expect, looks like we need a change of plans. Medic Abe, I will handle the rescue operation to you. You and your espeon, along with the mole couple, will escort the young pokemon victims to safety via the tunnel. Me and the rest of our crew will capture those men to justice. Then we’ll rescue the togetic. Before you put it down, let me ask that togetic something…” putting that small black talking box that humans call a phone next to my face, I open my ears to the question. “I am commander Nomu. Little togetic, these men that will rape you are about to put you in a world of pain. Knowing Abe, the black armoured medic you are looking at now, dislikes young pokemon being abused. As a father figure to him, I want to ask you how you wanted to be rescued. Sargo can translate your message for me…”
Giving my nod to Sargo, he closes his eyes with his gem emanating a light red hue, “Nomu. I’ve seen and know the leader of these rapists. The weeping man did this out of personal vengeance to the pokemon that killed his wife who couldn’t give birth to his child. I pity that man, losing his unborn child and mate to our kind. I’m the auction for tonight anyway. Let me be the last auction they will ever remember. Make them rape me ‘til they cannot fuck me out of exhaustion. Then rescue me.”

“Letting them have one last shot with you then. Alright. We will rescue you tonight…” As the black man pulls the talking box away from my ear, Sargo tells me to notify the other prisoners of the plan tonight.

When night time came, the rapists brought Togetic to their leader’s auction room filled with various materials probably used during sex. With no regard as to what she sees, the same hiker man who raped her wraps a piece of brown cloth to her eyes, and then wrap something round with a strip on her mouth wrapping her head and feathery hair. Followed with a few strings tied to her legs and stubby arms, the rapists tied the ends to the stage’s ceiling. Right by the seats below the stage, a few greedy rich men set their little to big bets of money in hopes to filling up their carnal desires before midnight. Binding the angelic pokemon on the flat metallic plate, the weeping man gives his introductory speech on their latest sex auction as one of the men holds the sides of her vagina and spread it open for the male customers to see. With a few auctions later, the first two customers earned the crew 25,000 cold cash while Togetic feels the rough hands of two mysterious men rubbing her white body.


Back at the unguarded prison cages two floors below the event, all of the prisoners are making their getaway via tunnel. With all of the pokemon reaching the exit, medic Abe begins his check-up on the Zorua and Vulpix on the conditions of their reproductive organs while the mole couple seals the exit from the prison and down at the bottom of the hill a few miles. Like what he learned, the best medicine he could do for these two would be psychological medicine since they bore children that none of them will ever meet again. “That togetic. So brave to take on the punishment while pitying her enemies…” Abe can only wonder if she’ll survive the rough ordeal.


In Togetic’s place however, her vagina, ass, and cervix face constant jabbing and punching from the human penises trying to feed their own carnal pleasure. Rough, fast, and relentless her customers’ pounding may be, most of them are not that aggressive with her open body for those unseen men just wanted to relive their sexual passion when their partners are getting stale. Eight of the thirty men however went straight to her deepest parts and beat them up with their penises and fingers. Her clit swells from the constant scrapping of the men. With her ass and vagina leaking out lots of semen, she catches her breath after finishing her second face fuck with an unseen man while the penis just cums on her face and body. Knowing just what she’s capable of, she let her captors relish her body sexually while it lasts.

An hour has passed. With her head tilted to the right, she vaguely sees a table filled with lots of cash through her blindfold due to the stage lights shining at her cum stained body. “It’s midnight already little angel. I hope that orgy didn’t muffle your voice and ears.”

When her blindfold is removed, she sees the same hiker man and the weeping man setting up a surprisingly decent bed on the stage. What catches her eye is another man with glasses who just inserted some thin tube inside her vagina. “Ooohhh goodie. This togetic rrreeeaaally get creamed in her womb. Look at that buddy. Ain’t that a sight boss?” beaten and her white skin near her genitals getting red, the camera man sets her carefully on the bed on her back as the other two men watch the sexy result of the big orgy this togetic took.

“Yeah buddy. I remember you helping me see my mate’s child within her womb like what you just did with our client. What an unforgettable sight” The weeping man chuckles at the brief nostalgia sniffling his nose as if its holding its tears.

“’Ey matey. I see somethin’ on its belly. Some kinda heart shaped tattoo. Church stuff togetic?” with the hiker man spanking her ass, he tickles Togetic’s clit as more juices from her rectum hole and pussy leak out. As the hiker man strips off his undergarments and sits on the bed, he positions his penis right to her tail hole and immediately penetrates her insides. “Aaaahhhh. Love your ass more than yo puss little angel.” Painful the force may be, she can relish the little bit of pleasure she could get from her beaten tail hole.

“Seeing how you gave us this much bonus of a money,” as the weeping man follows up on the bed, he stares at her black eyes before he thrusts his tool directly aimed towards her womb. “I say you give us your baby egg. Perhaps … after all these … years, I could let the past go. You don’t know what it feels like for a man with a short life to lose his mark on life.” Pounding her womb fast and hard with its thrusts, Togetic’s belly bulges quite a bit, swelling up her white skin to a hue of pink. Squirting out her already filled pussy with more semen, the two men don’t bother on synchronizing their thrusts and go all out fucking her orifices raw.

Those moans of lust, pleasure, and pain, the camera man sits on top of the panting togetic moaning out freely with his dick set on the little angel’s mouth, “We couldn’t continue our best friend’s life as a human, maybe a Pokémon might. So swallow it up.” Though its kind voice sounds soothing, he mixes it with straight words of demand as the camera inserts his dick into the togetic’s mouth. As all of her moans get muffled by the penis, the camera man begins his thrusts at a slow yet deep penetration going as far as her throat. “Little mouths do have that wonderful tightness. Keep sniffing and licking me up little sweety girl. Boys, fuck her harder for me.”

As all three men agree, they thrust their dicks into her holes as if three canine pokemon are going after her heat once again through raping. Through her little suffocation, something in her mind returns. Something rather ominous and forgotten reminding her of something she never wanted to recall after a century. Through her hallucinations, she hears a distant voice crying in the distance. “Am I getting dizzy? I just … may be losing conscious from lack of air thanks to these humans toying with my body. Oh whatever. I’ll find out what is over there.”
Finding herself in her own mind filled with ethereal dreams, she’ll let them fuck her body all they want to buy all of the imprisoned pokemon time to escape the place. After flying for a while, a formless spectral being forms in front of her face. “Tell me, what makes you so special? Togetic?” it asks.

“I’m old in age and wisdom. But I look so young physically. But, what are you?” she nods down looking at the inexistent ground for a while. The next thing she sees however is a woman closely alike to the woman she saw on the weeping man’s photo. “Thank you for understanding my husband amidst his depression. I pity him for what he had become. But then, I met your distant partner…” with white light shining behind this ethereal woman, it blinds her sight a bit. Through that shining light, she gets a glimpse of a flying pokemon getting ready to roost on top of this woman’s head.

“You forgot me … sister?” before she could see this pokemon clearly, her sight begins to blur. The voice however, is definitely someone she nearly forgot. “I’m proud of you for saving those children. I wish we could have been together a hundred and fifty years ago. But only I moved on. You didn’t move on. No amount of lusty sex could set you free from what you wanted from me years ago. Someone for you to take care of, and raise its child. One day, I hope you could be the angel you wanted to be.”

With the ethereal visitors dissolving to dust carried by the wind flying high in the distant blue sky, her body collapses to the ground on her back screaming in agonizing pain freely breathing the musky scent of a mysterious disembodied human penis gagging her mouth, with two more rushing in her two other orifices, her belly and hips felt like ripping apart from the force of the sex and being fed with so much sperm. Swallowing the spunk coming from the penis gagging her mouth, she just sheds her tears for she has not fulfilled her true desire. “I … I have been nothing more but a slave to sex…” once again, she gets knocked out to exhaustion and physical pain.

Chapter End Notes:

Since my college class resumes tomorrow, it will take me a long while to write the next chapter of this contest entry. But overall, act 1 is finished. Act two is coming up next

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