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Set around the time of Episode 61.  Ash, Misty, and Brock are at a gathering of trainers outside of Cerulean City.

Charizard wins a battle, reminisces to raping Brock’s Vulpix, then, through a mishap, gets to take Misty away and have some time with her to himself.

Quadruple-tap, 2X each:

M/F (Charizard/Vulpix), M/F (Charizard/Misty)

  1. Chapter 1 (10487 words) [Reviews: 1]

    Date:Apr 9 2016

    Story notes:


    The story sat on the shelf for a number of years because the ending got away from me, by which I mean it was too harsh for my tastes and I was having a hard time writing it.  While my previous "Mating with Misty" was merely questionable consent (still counts as rape, kiddies!), this story has unambiguous hard rape.  However, I had put a lot of time into the story, so with some feedback and nudging from Deja_Blue of the now-defunct WWOEC, I worked on it and was close to finishing.  That said, I did not completely finish the story to my satisfaction. I wrote an ending, but I was in the process of rewriting. I post this now, as is, because I’m walking away.  I'm washing my hands of porn.  So the story won't be the masterpiece I'd hoped for, but there is easily enough care that went into the story that I still think you will enjoy reading it. Towards the end, there will be a [bracketed] statement, explaining where I intended to go with the revision, followed by the original ending I wrote.

    Befuddling since 1985, when the Cows came home
    Reviewer: Raw19
    Date:Oct 16 2016 Chapter:Chapter 1

    Damn, that was deep. That Charizard makes me want to do things to it. Terrible things.....


    Most excellent.