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Shadow Pokemon, they are magically gifted Pokemon who can become stronger than anyone of their species. This gift for many has become a curse and has led many to be hunted, enslaved for their power and used as weapons. For one young Zorua he has begun to awaken to his shadow powers and with it the guidance of his Omen. "Are you prepared to face yourself?" 


Book 2 of the Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival. Follow the lives of the students as they must learn how to surival in the most challenging school in the region. But not everything is as it seems and for one student, this could be the end of the road. 

Updated to chapter 7


Deep in a region of the world ruled only by Pokemon stands four tribes. After a time of warring, fighting and killing the four tribes found peace between one another. Each year the tribe Pokemon come together and mate with one another. A young Shinx who does not understand why the tribes do what they do goes on a journey in a attempt to find the answers he seeks. Though as he pushes forward he begins to find out that the world of the tribes live in goes deeper than he could ever have imagned. 


The completed story of Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1. On a island of a large lake is a castle that stands tall and proud. Here Bangam the Absol established a school for helping to train young Pokemon in the ways of survival, both in the wild and in the bed room. Mystical and wonderes things await those who attend, but this school is not a simple place and there are more going on behind the scenes than any of the students, teachers and even its Headmaster and founder know. 


File Name: One Good Turn

Owner:  Arcane Reno

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File Type: Story:Adult:M/F/F: Human x Flareon x Vulpix

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Details: Who could resist offering shelter to two bedraggled fire-type strays on a rainy night? It’s only for the night, after all, and as they say, one good turn deserves another…


May's story release for Someone's PC.


Set around the time of Episode 61.  Ash, Misty, and Brock are at a gathering of trainers outside of Cerulean City.

Charizard wins a battle, reminisces to raping Brock’s Vulpix, then, through a mishap, gets to take Misty away and have some time with her to himself.

Quadruple-tap, 2X each:

M/F (Charizard/Vulpix), M/F (Charizard/Misty)


When a togetic lost her mate by rogue pokemon and raping her, her world becomes so torn that the child she's bearing does not belong to her dead staravia mate. Until the spirit trio of Sinnoh gave her a gift that made her the "Togetic of Sexuality and Childbirth." Is her received gift really a good thing? Is it better never to love another mate to hold on to a long gone memory of one's first mate?


What goes around comes around. While oh-so-innocent owners rear beautiful pet Pokemon for the vicious Beauty Pageant scenes, the politics between Pokemon remain far less friendly.

Ninetales x Vulpix

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A story about a trainer who is given a Riolu. She starts as a friend and companion, but becomes so much more than that with time, and with the bond they share life becomes more complicated than ever.



This is a story about a Pokemon Anthro trying to become a Pokemon Master in a world of humans.



Join Darfix and his friends on an adventure through the region of Johto as they make friends, acquire enemies, and fall in love. There is always action to be had and romantic affairs to indulge in.
Episode 01 Note: Contains vulgar language and moderate violence. (Ratings will vary from episode to episode.) Completed Thus Far: Episodes 01 - 057