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They aren't very good at their job as school bullies, so it seems the next best choice of threatening others is to take advantage of them with your strength in numbers. Their next victims? A couple of innocent boys trying to enjoy the start of a long weekend.

  1. Forest Has Lots of Wood (5109 words)

    Started this up around mid-July and dropped it for a few months due to total lack of inspiration to write anything. Picking it back up, I found myself a bit lost on how to continue it in terms of its current flow so, needless to say, expect some things to be potentially out of place, rushed, or not exactly connecting 100% with the current flow. This wasn't meant to have nearly as much build up to the sex as it did, despite not having much build up at all in the first place.

    Errors and crap aside, hope you enjoy. Contains non-consensual M/M, and M/M/M.

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