AGNPH Stories


Buneary has everything she needs. Her own little hill out in the snowfields. Her tree. Her burrow. Roots and tasty cliff greens. Fresh water from the river.

She's capable enough to take on any pest or rival who'd get the wrong idea.

It's good to be this strong.

That is, until an unusual forest dweller shows up to turn her world upside down.

(Contains Lopunny/Adult Buneary and Lopunny/Lopunny.)

Story Notes:

Hey all! Thanks for reading!

Feedback and constructive criticism is highly appreciated!

I have some ideas for potential follow-ups if this gets a good reaction.

  1. Play Rough (4288 words)

    Date:Apr 17 2022

    I'd believe you if you said you've written entire novels before.

    if this was your first time writing then you've got some sort of gift and if it wasn't, where can I find more?

    Reviewer: bellin
    Date:Apr 17 2022

    Wow, I would go as far as calling this a diamond in the rough

    i typically don't read these sorts of things as most of them I've found are just self inserts but I got curious, I was not disappointed.

    The writer sets up the scenes perfectly and the dialogue flows pretty well, if you're wondering about typos I've only seen one or two.

    I've got more to say but that would be spoiling things so I'll just leave this.

    Trust me, it's worth a read