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Buneary has everything she needs. Her own little hill out in the snowfields. Her tree. Her burrow. Roots and tasty cliff greens. Fresh water from the river.

She's capable enough to take on any pest or rival who'd get the wrong idea.

It's good to be this strong.

That is, until an unusual forest dweller shows up to turn her world upside down.

(Contains Lopunny/Adult Buneary and Lopunny/Lopunny.)


Just a glimpse into the daily lives of a farmer and his family. Though, today they get a guest, and a fight breaks out.


Alright I'm gonna pull a Havoc here. These will be full stories, well sort of. They wont be too plot-heavy that's for sure. Though I may not do a lot of requests, when I DO do them, they'll be here. Request if you want but know this, I wont be so lenient with these. I'll accept almost anything for the Club but not here, there are a few rules you have to follow if you're going to request a story.

One: The pokemon has to have NEVER been done before. The POKEMON, not the gender pairing.(Chapter one is exempt since it was made before this rule)
Two: No Male/Male, No Vore, No Castration, No Scat, none of the hard stuff.
Three: The story MUST have sex in it. I am a HUGE perv and I love smut. Therefore, that's what I do.

Four: I really wasn't going to make this part of the criteria but for the sake of my boner, one of the two characters must be human.That's pretty much it. Requests can be as vague or as detailed as you want but I reserve the right to change things in order to make it make more sense.Note:The percent status' of your requests (Should I choose to accept them) will be displayed in my bio.

Important(er) Note Requests are closed for now. Once I finish all of them all up, that'll be the end of the new and obscure for a little bit.

Important Note: I have a new way of doing requests. Every request is posted in my bio. If you want you can vote on one you like. I'll pick whichever I like, BUT I'm only vote, if I'm outvoted I'll do whatever got the most votes. You dont have to review each time, PM me, send me an email, IM, I dont care. This'll keep me from doing every one in a straight line and it'll put a little more power in everyone else's hands but mine.


Thousands of years ago, a powerful evil emerged and threatened to engulf the world in it's shadow. Many heroes rose to stop it, and were succesful. Their names and actions were passed down in legend, but time is a formidable foe, and now almost no memory of them remains.
With the progress of Technology, a new threat has emerged: A group of Genetically engineered and 'Superior' Pokémon known as the Midnight Voices. A twist of fate and the loss of a friend result in XV, their youngest and weakest member, taking it upon himself to stop them.
Will the little Pichu succeed?

This is his story.

NOTE: This story is currenlty experiencing a somewhat large rewrite of all chapters from 4 to 15. Please note the changes might go from subtle fixes in punctuation to the full change of a scene or dialogue. Aditionally, some others might have slight edits or content added to them.++ Chapter 4 Redone and reuploaded. The actual next chapter and the rewrites for 5-7 are the nextin line. Contact me for any comments,questions or suggestions you might have.