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Buneary has everything she needs. Her own little hill out in the snowfields. Her tree. Her burrow. Roots and tasty cliff greens. Fresh water from the river.

She's capable enough to take on any pest or rival who'd get the wrong idea.

It's good to be this strong.

That is, until an unusual forest dweller shows up to turn her world upside down.

(Contains Lopunny/Adult Buneary and Lopunny/Lopunny.)



Akru, a commercial fisherman, ends up going overboard during a storm one night. When he comes to, he finds himself shipwrecked on an island that proves to be quite the paradise. But is the island all that it appears to be?


Glitter the Lopunny would have thought that it would be a dream come true to have women falling over you constantly. That's certainly what his cute charm ability has caused. He was wrong. And now he figures he'll rob them to make up. But what happens when he meets a gorgeous Lucario girl in a club? Has he finally found true love?


Some Pokemon demand and deserve the best from their trainers and companions. Giselle the Goodra is one such Pokemon, and the others are more than happy to indulge her.


Ok. A mostly smutty story featuring family fun.


A beginner trainer sets out with his Pokemon but finds that he lacks the knowledge of what a Pokemon needs to become stronger. It takes the help of one extremely sexy Lopunny to help him realize his mistake.

Jack has thus far expanded his Pokemon team to include his starter Blaziken, known as Sasha, a Lopunny named Laura, an Eevee turned Vaporeon called Maya, and a Lucario named Jillian. Together they endure the hardships of the Pokemon League Challenge and battle inner demons that all trainers and their Pokemon must face on their journey including past trainers, vicious romance, and the very nature of the journey itself.

Join Jack and his Pokemon on their quest to become Pokemon League Champions.

One lay at a time.