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This is one of my finest and hottest works to date featuring myself the beautiful Umbreona Dark, and the most handsome Bree buck in Eon, Shadow Braun. We get into a bit of a fight and I make a little wager...My body and my reputation for the night! Let's just say things do not go as I planned and the result is an INTENSE night of pleasure spreading over 14 pages with more scenes than a PORN MOVIE! This one is a MUST read if you are a fan of Me, Umbreons, Domination, or any of the Themes for this story. Enjoy, it was a PAIN to write!

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    Reviewer: masterface
    Date:Jan 28 2013 Chapter:N/A
    Damn~………id be a liar if I didn't enjoy this story...but damn id love to ravage that body of yours in a story~