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    The story of the day in the life of both a handsome Eon Justice and the lovely Espera Dark. Nox Midnight gets overly frustrated by his female co-workers and gets some much needed relief in the muzzle of a certain female Theripst before her mate Umbreona monopolizes her time for some ever loved olympic sex. If you have liked the Crystalis Series so far then this one is right up your ally with some of my most descriptive scenes yet.

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    In this story we follow an adorable Eevee girl named Copper, her friend Firetale the Ninetales, and Blacknight the Umbreon on an adventure to find some treasure in the wilds outside of Eon City.

    Things seem to be going fine when Copper makes a discovery that will forever change her relationship with Firetale and leads to some rather kinky foxy exploration between best friends.

    Watch out for those tentacle monsters...Never know what evil things they might be up to...

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    This is the long awaited sequel to Defeat or Victory? It is 13 pages of intensity starting off with a bloody arena fight between myself, Umbreona, and the hunky Buck Shadow and moving into a magically enhanced sexual orgy of unparalleled proportions. Read the tags at the beginning to know what you are looking at as far as content but be assured this story has something for just about everyone. This story was SO hot that I could barely even stand to write it because I orgasmed so much typing the stupid thing. So just as a warning, you will want some serious clean up gear before reading this one or you will have a huge mess to deal with lol.

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