AGNPH Stories


Zach is a Coordinator, seeking to make his partners the most well-known pokemon in the world, while his partners are happy just being with him. Moderately successful at this venture, Zach's plans are suddenly disrupted when the future of the planet falls more or less into his lap. Before that, however, Zach has to cope with some drastic new changes to his relationship with his team.

  1. Author's Note (409 words)

  2. Written by Cammy (1562 words)

  3. The First Night (4051 words)

  4. Prelude to Cacophony (4002 words)

  5. Dischordant Celestic (5240 words)

  6. Interlude (5329 words)

  7. Choices (3179 words)

  8. Beauty and the Feebas (10613 words)

  9. Miranda (2983 words)

  10. Talk of Many Things (5086 words)

  11. Family Matters (11336 words)

  12. The Duty of a Champion (6460 words)

  13. Crescendo (7695 words)

  14. The Calm Before the Storm (6253 words)

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