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    Theme week 1 submission. Miranda is a student at St. Claire's School for Girls, somewhere approximately two hours from Saffron City. Her dream in life is to become a Pokemon nurse, and she finally gets that dream.

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    “Even the worst enemies can become the best of friends." That is one of oft-used plots in fanfiction in general and lemons in specific. And yet again, an author has taken it off the shelf, dusted it, and gave it one last go over. So now, let us begin the extraviganza of total stupidity, chaos, and out-of-characterness that is... The Exile. Warning... this is a Jessie X Ash lemon, so it contains preteen characters having sex. Basically, I've assumed you've read the disclaimer, so if you don't like sex in general, what da hell are ya doin' readin' dis at all? Anyways, continue on if preteen, emotionally-challenged characters like our very own Ash Ketchum having sex doesn't bother you.

    NOTE: This is the unedited version of the same story posted several years ago on An edited version is in the works.

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    A collection of one-shot fiction based on requests I get. The pairings and ratings will vary based on the request and subject matter. Includes pairings Marley/Shaymin, Flareon/Roserade/Lopunny/Gardevoir, Trainer/Roserade/Kirlia, and Vaporeon/Gengar. These are from Spring/Summer '07.

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