AGNPH Stories
Rated: XXX


This story is based around the time of the Johto Journeys. I picked this for the obvious drama I could get from Chikorita but it is expanding byond my initial concept.
It has also become an exercise in creative writing. Many of the things I'm writing into these stories (such as furry sex, bestiality or lesbianism) don't actually hold any interest for me or in a couple of cases actually weird me out. Having quite a lot of experience fic writing I decided that rather than just diss a genre I am going to make an attempt to understand it and while I'm not sure how it comes out will meat everyones preferences I hope my readers will be pleased with the result.

Story Notes:

Contains sexual activity with brock, ash, misty, ritchi, mirana,. Johto level pokemon only. Contains Furry, Beast, Shota, Yuri, group, Large insertion, pregnancy, tentacle rape, xeno, transformation, nude wrestling, bukkake, styalized violence and my own weird sense of humour.

  1. Introduction (1316 words)

  2. The Cave (3605 words)

  3. Intermission (1736 words)

  4. A Girl, A Guy and A Pokemon (2554 words)

  5. My Little Baby (2760 words)

  6. Nurse Love Joy - Page 1 (2036 words)

  7. Nurse Love Joy - Page 2 (981 words)

  8. Nurse Love Joy - Page 3 (1282 words)

  9. To the Mansion (4806 words)

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