AGNPH Stories
Rated: PG-13


A story of no real beginning and no real end, Ouroboros broken in its ageless cycle of beginning and end. Tear open the walls of the eternal circle and peer inside won't you?

Two trainers, their Pokemon, a life after the Fractus Ouroboros.

Story Notes:

This is a story I started some time ago after I finished up Pokemon Emerald. I wrote it then tossed it to the side for two reasons mostly; one I had no media to post it within, and two I had lost the spark to do so. Now that the fire is back and I have found my forum I hope you enjoy this simple tale I bring to you. I am not promising a path to the promise land but I hope I can at least keep you entertained for as long as you read.-Fenris42P.S. It is highly improbable that sex will be included in this story but who knows. It might find its way in if the opportunity presents itself.

  1. Equilibrium (7749 words)

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