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The story begins with a young trainer, a mundane average kid, beginning to train Pokemon. He's given an egg before he leaves, the egg of a Riolu. Through out their time together, the Riolu evolves into a Lucario, and they begin to live, laugh, and love together. Miles away, a traveler wakes up to nightmares of his creation. Memories of lab tables, operations, blood transfusion, neural growth, and pain fill his head. His mind is locked from him, he walks on the edge of death, only wanting to avenge his suffering sevenfold.

The world is broken, the lives of these people will soon change.

Story Notes:

I've put much, much time into making this story as captivating as possible, I hope you'll take the time to read it.This is going to be quite a long story, with many events happening, I love getting your reviews, so don't be a stranger!Thanks for reading!

  1. Chapter One: A New Life Begins (5412 words) [Reviews: 1]

  2. Chapter Two: In the City (4923 words)

  3. Chapter Three: The Path to Oreburgh and the Bitter Winter (5597 words)

  4. Chapter Four: A New Life Together (7841 words)

  5. Chapter Five: The Battle in a Gym (10106 words)

  6. Chapter Six: The Battle in a City (21641 words)

  7. Chapter Seven: Resonance (16857 words)

  8. Chapter Eight: Changes (8928 words)

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    Reviewer: tgsh71099
    Date:Apr 21 2014 Chapter:Chapter One: A New Life Begins
    Man i just want to say that what is finishis fucking amazing if project crucifix was to get finished i honestly would die happy, i love reading fanfics but your just pulled me on the first note, something im not used to, but you have an unmistakable talent please finish it, i honestly believe that you could even get gamefreak to let you use the pokemon name to have it published, i really do!