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A beginner trainer sets out with his Pokemon but finds that he lacks the knowledge of what a Pokemon needs to become stronger. It takes the help of one extremely sexy Lopunny to help him realize his mistake.

Jack has thus far expanded his Pokemon team to include his starter Blaziken, known as Sasha, a Lopunny named Laura, an Eevee turned Vaporeon called Maya, and a Lucario named Jillian. Together they endure the hardships of the Pokemon League Challenge and battle inner demons that all trainers and their Pokemon must face on their journey including past trainers, vicious romance, and the very nature of the journey itself.

Join Jack and his Pokemon on their quest to become Pokemon League Champions.

One lay at a time.

Story Notes:

Standard Disclaimer: I own the character Jack as well as the plot of this story, Pokemon and other known characters are their respective owners. This story contains sexually explicit content. Go away if you're offended or too young to read such revolting literature.

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  6. "Aside" Chapter 1 (1406 words)

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  18. Chapter 16 (4250 words) [Reviews: 1]

    Date:Sep 23 2016 Title:Chapter 15

    "throwing a ball of ki"? I'm not sure if you knew, but it's actually aura. Ki being thrown around is Dragon Ball Z's thing. Other than that, AMAZING story!

    The Watcher on the Walls
    Reviewer: DeiNeo
    Date:Dec 19 2013 Chapter:Chapter 16
    Well, I just did a straight read through, and I like this a lot...Continue at once!