AGNPH Stories


A trainer named Sandy gets a rude awakening during the night.

A rewrite of Vaporeon's new life, combining both chapters into one.
*This is not a third chapter, but a remake on the originals*

Story Notes:

Pokemon isn't mine, and will probably never be mine, so any and all characters and settings that are official Pokemon/nintendo proterty are copyright to them. This IS a fan work, and the plot and setting is not intended to be commercial.

  1. Remake (3448 words)

  2. Family reunion (3395 words)

  3. Icy winds (3677 words)

  4. Love and Tust (6631 words)

  5. Wings of Frost (7421 words)

  6. Mothers (5775 words)

  7. New Life (3799 words)

  8. Elle (9617 words)

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