AGNPH Stories


Three years have passed since Dustin and the gang have started their journey. Dustin's all but defeated the Elite Four, and is now in a desolate place known as Orre. But, the dangers out here are greater than anyone could imagine, and one Pokemon could make or break the world. Question is, which will he choose?

Story Notes:

This story is a continuation of Story of a Boy and His Mate. I tried to get more people to write for the filler stories between breaks, but only one person rose to the call. So now, that one person will have their Pokemon added to this story. Seikiru, Ember will be a valuable asset to the team. Sorry if she seems out of character, but I just use the excuse that 3 years with Dustin has changed her quite a bit.

  1. Back to the Life (3014 words)

  2. Cipher's Old Tricks (2431 words)

  3. Love's Prequel (3767 words)

  4. Revealing Bad Guys (2059 words)

  5. Catching the Competition (3005 words)

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