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Definately Not for Children: Ash having competed in the Houen Region Championships has decided to return home to Pallet Town to rest up and prepare for his next journey on his way to becoming a Pokemon Master. Ash's friends, Max and May decide to come with Brock and him to the Kanto region. Little does the group know what adventures await them.Based in the Pokemon Advanced timeperiod.

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  • Chapters: 6
  • Completed: No Word Count: 21542 Views: 44189
  • Published: Aug 23 2012
  1. Welcome Home (1343 words)

  2. Ash's First Time (3294 words)

  3. Max and May in the Viridian Forest?! (4924 words)

  4. The Return of Misty (3804 words)

  5. Misty, May & Ash?! Last Night at the Ketchum Residence! (4677 words)

  6. On Route to Saffron City! (3500 words)

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