AGNPH Stories


Follow the adventures of Devin, an up and coming Trainer/breeder as he explores the world.

*Authors Note* I apologize in advance to my readers current and future. I tend to be slow in posting. I got a lot of projects going all at the same time. I'll try to get new chapters up in a timely fashion. But if I go a while with out posting don't worry, I have not abandoned the story. Again sorry for any delays, and thank you for your time.

Story Notes:

This is my first attempt at a Pokemon Fan fic, so please bare with me.

  1. Prolouge/Ch.1 In the Begining (5677 words)

  2. Ch.2 Mocha (6178 words)

  3. Ch.3 Guiding Star (6974 words)

  4. Ch. 4 Between a Zangoose and a hard choice (10016 words)

  5. Ch.5 Abby pt.1 Betrayal (9190 words)

  6. Ch.6 Abby Pt.2 Into the Darkness (8827 words)

  7. Ch 7(a) Abby Pt.3 Out of the Void (7944 words)

  8. Ch 7(b) Abby Pt.3 Out of the Void (5266 words)

  9. Ch.8 A Heated Home Coming Pt1 Farm Life (9444 words)

  10. Ch.9 A Heated Home Coming Pt.2 In the Deep End (pt.A) (13874 words)

  11. Ch.9 A Heated Home Coming Pt.2 In the Deep End (Pt B) (3561 words)

  12. Ch.10 A Heated Home Coming Pt.3 Moving Forward (13697 words)

  13. Ch. 11 - Making Conections in Kanto (10333 words)

  14. Ch.12 - The Titans and the Guardian Pt.1 (7056 words)

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