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When the deities of Matter and Antimatter gather together to seek a beloved one,

The Chosen One shall be asked for his hand-in-marriage.

He shall form a bond with the two, a bond which cannot be broken.

In uniting with each of the Goddesses, he shall change the foundation

Of human and Pokemon civilations forever.

The Masters of Time and Space shall be together, 

their union would bring about a child of immense power, more powerful than the Creator.

Then she will also ask the The Chosen One his hand-in-marriage.

The other Legends will accept him and will also form a bond. 

 This is the prophecy.

Contains: Self-Masturbation, Semi-NC, Cosplaying and Yuri.

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Ecchi

Story Notes:

This is just a story made up out of boredom. If it's good, we'll make a sequel so hope for the best. All thanks to BlazerRaylock for the first chapter. Readers, keep up the reviews so we can make a sequel!!  

  1. Prologue (3891 words)

  2. Seduction Lesson 1: Arousing Costume Play (3815 words)

  3. Seduction Lesson 2: Aphrodisiac Acceptance. (4865 words)

  4. Sidestory: The Determined Flower (3259 words)

  5. Bath-le of the Hot Springs (3132 words)

  6. Shocking News (3587 words)

  7. 'Mental' Reflex (3104 words)

  8. An Abrupt Departure (4083 words)

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