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  • Summary:

    A hot and possibly sticky all-sex story entry for AGNPH's "July Bring the Heat Contest 2010".

    A curious Lopunny explores the basement of a large house. She finds herself in a new world of absolute ecstasy as she becomes the pet of a very interesting girl named Rebbeca Platzi...

  • Summary:

    Set before the events of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 [Time & Darkness], Team Charm investigates a dungeon that is supposed to contain a mysterious treasure. Unfortunately, a strange trap and a sudden ambush detours their journey to one hot and humid night.

    (COMPLETE!; Split into chapters; Subject to edit in case of major errors)

  • Summary:

    Last year, I made a request for a story between a beautiful adult Pikachu and a Pichu cub, confirmed by the name of Ayn BlackFox. Now here's my own version of "My Kinky Chu", with a big twist and a special guest from one of my other stories (contains sex with kid pokemon; M/F)...

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