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    Based on the Year 2057. Plot inspired by Elie Wiesel's "Night"

    The earlier days were filled with fear about how the future would be placed with Anti-Pokemon Cultists began appearing all around the world. This is the story of the few Pokemon who NEARLY ended the entire Anti-Pokemon War.

  • Summary:

    In this world where Pokemon are treated as a threat to many humans, there is now hope as the Pokemon Defenders rise up and rebel against the Pokemon Elimination Force. But in the midst of this chaos lies more threats that cannot be comprehended, and while Earth is tearing itself apart with war, the evil slips in and destroys what has been weakened. This is a world that lives upon Code: Anti-Pokemon, this is what life is like when humans and Pokemon are at war with each other.



  • Summary:

    In the midst of war, only heroes can truly be trusted. This is a world where Pokemon are cast aside as if they were the Devil's minions, treated as a threat to the innocent. In time all cities of the Hoenn region have completely driven out every Pokemon which populated it. So begins the beginning of the second year of war with the Pokemon Elimination Force vs. the Pokemon Defenders and a new threat based on a Pokemon cult who wishes to destroy every human on Earth: The Anriu lead by the dreaded Lord Anriu and her Dark Lord, Lucifer Anoriach. This is a world based on code: Anti-Pokemon, this is a war that will change the world forever. -(CONTINUATION OF ANTI-POKEMON: THE NEW WORLD)-

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