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In the midst of war, only heroes can truly be trusted. This is a world where Pokemon are cast aside as if they were the Devil's minions, treated as a threat to the innocent. In time all cities of the Hoenn region have completely driven out every Pokemon which populated it. So begins the beginning of the second year of war with the Pokemon Elimination Force vs. the Pokemon Defenders and a new threat based on a Pokemon cult who wishes to destroy every human on Earth: The Anriu lead by the dreaded Lord Anriu and her Dark Lord, Lucifer Anoriach. This is a world based on code: Anti-Pokemon, this is a war that will change the world forever. -(CONTINUATION OF ANTI-POKEMON: THE NEW WORLD)-

Story Notes:

(Recommended to read ANTI-POKEMON: THE NEW WORLD before reading this) Contains content not suitable for minors under the age of 18. Viewer discretion is advised. *WARNING* This story may contain: Strong Language, Violence, Use of Drugs, and Strong Sexual Content.

  1. Episode 9 - The Elite Force HQ (3993 words)

  2. Episode 10 - The Anriu Deserter (5019 words)

  3. Episode 11 - A Look Ahead (4577 words)

  4. Episode 12 - The Rustboro City Infiltration (4257 words)

  5. Episode 13 - A City Under Siege (4259 words)

  6. Episode 14 - Nothing Ever Goes As Planned (4062 words)

  7. Episode 15 - Night Time Showdown (2455 words)

  8. Episode 16 - Dark Depths: The Spawn of Evil (4594 words)

  9. Episode 17 - Dark Depths: Straight into Hell (4090 words)

  10. Episode 18 - Dark Depths: "If you please..." (3256 words)

  11. Episode 19 - Dark Depths: Firefight (3205 words)

  12. Episode 20 - (Season Finale) Another War is Coming... (3677 words)

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