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For two brothers, life is a game. It starts out oh-so-simple, but time layers on its pressures. As the world unveils its rougher rules, they'll need to start to take care of each other -- in every sense of the phrase.

Mightyena x Poochyena



It's late at night; the family's out. Home alone, Ian's resigned to another night in with his psychic companion, Vera. Some things can seem dull in moonlight, but she makes him a proposition he's not too interested in refusing...

Story contains psychic tomfoolery, and was commissioned by a very dark, shady and willingly anonymous character. You will never found out who he or she was.

Human x Espeon


What goes around comes around. While oh-so-innocent owners rear beautiful pet Pokemon for the vicious Beauty Pageant scenes, the politics between Pokemon remain far less friendly.

Ninetales x Vulpix

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A lone Typhlosion's pilgrimage turns out harder than expected. Fortunately, she'll find company on the way...

Typhlosion x Arcanine - Long story; plot advancement/character development.