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There is said to be a school far away which teaches how to have sex. Where everyday students will have to learn to survive not just what is taught in the classroom but protect themselves from those around them.

I have now re-uploaded all of the missing chapters and combined the broken chapter from long ago which caused my story to have more chapters than it was suppose to.

Story ideas or always welcomed but please read though the entire story before making any suggestions.

Next chapter will be uploaded by: 07/26/13


A group of five pokemon tempted fate and are now forced to do the will of the Legends or possibly face a fate worst than death.


"When darkness looks to destroy all, a light shall shine."

Deep in the woods of Unity Forest there lives four tribes that live in constent struggle for survive, even the smallest change could bring a change of power amoung them. Could a outsider change the very face of the forest and bring peace amoung the tribes or will he be the very force that shall destory the forest inself.


Follow the story of Light and his team as they work thier way from the bottom up. From over coming thier Rites of Passage to taking on hoards of pokemon as they try to save the life of a beatiful Princess, and if that wasn't enough Light continues to have strange dreams that he can not unravel on his own. Will him and his team over come the obscales before them or will the world eat them alive.

Characters that are mine:

Light, Ictoothe, Shade, Glacier, Zeclaw, Zasal

Characters that are Jewelwriters: 

Ribbon, Amber,Azura, Gemini, Nurse Omelet

More to come as the story progresses


Ya thats right its back and better than it was before.

Far away on a island is a school where young pokemon learn of how to survive out in the wild taking classes from how to survive out in the woods to how to deal with being a pet if ever captured. Though the true lessons of the school are its mating classes in which young pokes are taught the formal way on how to not only find but keep a mate how to pleasure your mate and what to do if your ever lucky enough to get into a threesome. So....what would you do if your homework for tonight was to find and bang the nearest pokemon you can? 

Oh ya and one more thing....I'M BACK!


After poular demand I have returned to my old writing style. 


A trainer looking to become the best in the world seeks out a powerful Pokemon Master to train him. But when he finds him he finds..... Can this meeting change how he feels for pokemon for ever.A few revies could be nice.


After Mario finds out what his favorite prinecess does when he's gone he comes to find his day will bring out a new him.


It came to me in a dream a few nights ago.a trainer finds that his zangoose has the hots for him. From breaking up fights to doing things he would never have thought he would. And thats all in chapter one. went back and fixed chapter one.