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The completed story of Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1. On a island of a large lake is a castle that stands tall and proud. Here Bangam the Absol established a school for helping to train young Pokemon in the ways of survival, both in the wild and in the bed room. Mystical and wonderes things await those who attend, but this school is not a simple place and there are more going on behind the scenes than any of the students, teachers and even its Headmaster and founder know. 


There is said to be a school far away which teaches how to have sex. Where everyday students will have to learn to survive not just what is taught in the classroom but protect themselves from those around them.

I have now re-uploaded all of the missing chapters and combined the broken chapter from long ago which caused my story to have more chapters than it was suppose to.

Story ideas or always welcomed but please read though the entire story before making any suggestions.

Next chapter will be uploaded by: 07/26/13


Mark is just an ordinary guy, living on Earth.  You know, the one where Pokémon is just a video game, nothing more.  Or is it?

One day an unexpected Eevee appears out of nowhere, throwing them both into a strange, new adventure together.  What will become of them?  Only time will tell...


Reviews greatly appreciated.  Whatever makes me a better writer.


An excited Trainer takes a trip to Poketopia, but a vicious storm claims the ship. Thanks to a cheery Buizel, the Trainer makes it to land, but only on a small island in the middle of nowhere. With only each other's company, their friendship will begin, grow, and be tested numerous times as he waits for help to arrive.