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Pokemon: Excellent Adventure Contest Entry

In a distant region of space the denizens of Marathon-4 live life as has been the norm for decades. Little do they know of the ancient evil that slumbers beneath their feet and just how close they are to waking it.

Yeah, yeah, crumby summary... Hopefully not-so-crumby story.



A European merchant emerges the ultimate survivor of his ship's wreck. With nothing but a notebook and a few precious supplies to keep him company, he rafts away to the nearby island home of the strange bird that helped precipitate the disaster in the first place in hopes of surviving in a distant uncharted land.

(Pokemon Excellent Adventure submission.)


Pokemon - Excellent Adventure

Shades of darker times, when pokemon and humans did not co-exist in easy camaraderie as partners, before the existence of the league, the elite four, and every common aspect of the modern world. A warrior priestess of Unova, torn from her home and her people. The son of a Kanto nobleman, unwilling to accept the norms of high society. Fate has dabbled in their lives, and now, it is time for them to find what they seek.


I was one of the first human pokemon chimerans ever created, one of the Twelve.

This is my story.


The war between Kyogre and Groudon; Land and the Sea...After it began once more, there was no stopping it, and it goes on to this day. Watch as the conflict between both comes to a peak and a more dangerous force emerges...

Pokemon: Excellent Adventure