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FETEP 3 entry.

Some years into the future, pokemon and humans have reached a rather different relationship than the one they currently share, one of equals. Enter Maverick, a Lucario who happens to be very good at his job. A valuable attribute when one's location is the moon. But, the harsh landscape is the least of his issues. Some problems don't disappear, no matter how far you run.


The story of a group of Pokemon, and one Trainer, all aptly named after one of the seven deadly sins. Be it in the Kanto Daycare, the Hoenn Beauty Contest, or elsewhere, you'll know they did wrong. But, rather they stay such....only time will tell.

Fetep 3 Entry

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~ You've been Warned: This story contains Footplay/Pawplay and Rule 63.


Due to a strong storm, Buster is forced to drop by his friend Leanne's house. After a little accident befalls him, however, the day takes a turn for something far different from what he was planning!
This is my...

FETEP 3 Contest Submission


An ambitious scientist performs a successful experiment on his Pokemon, before the experiment goes wrong in an unexpectedly good way.

Warning: Contains brief human/Pokemon sex.

FETEP 3 Contest Submission - 3rd Place

Original Finished Date - Jul 24 2011
Featured Story - 08/10/11