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When a Mudkip, Tarra, finds a Charmander, Charm, injured on the beach, she does what she can to help him. Little do they know that Charm will repay her by helping restore Treasure Towns glory of when it still had a working Guild.


"There's nothing I value more than my friendship with a shy little Mudkip named Dew. I've known her for as long as I can remember and we're best of friends. In contrast to my recklessness and sense for adventure, her timidity is really endearing, yet we both get along better than any two Pokemon could. True, she may be my one and only friend, but that's all an orphaned Treecko like me could ever ask for. And I know that she cares for me as well, heh..."

Florel and Dew are best friends that come to realize that their fondness for each other may be more than just simple friendship. Together, they'll face the many hurdles standing between them and their growing love for each other. I started writing this story on Valentine's Day and, after four and a half months, it has grown from far more than a short lemon to a sweet love story. Emphasis is more on the characters and their development than some huge and complex plot. :3