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A Steelix paralyzed and broken now lies mostly motionless after going so far to secure his leadership but now a cripple and with no female to turn to him, his fate it resigned. Hope comes in many forms or sizes when a girl stumbles upon his herds sanctuary.

If he must lose his pride and leadership, one thing he did know. That is that he would have a slave to tend to his remaining years. Or, does this captive have something more to offer?

No matter how stern a brute like a Steelix maybe, we all have soft spots.


Odd Couples Contest 2013


A lonely Machoke is facing yet another mating season in the company of his own right hand. However, one night a mysterious Alakazam appears in his cave, bearing an unusual request...


April 2013 Odd Couple Contest entry,


When new allies are left together in a remote campsite to recover from severe injuries, they explore their own feelings while slowly building up a close bond with each other, soon blossoming into a long lasting relationship.

Dedicated to a lucky couple in another fanfic that didn't get much face-time in that story arc.

1st time contest submission!

April's Odd Couple Contest Submission


A Graveler struggles to cope with his untimely demise, and more importantly, his separation from his friend and lover. But, what if there's more to the afterlife than it first appears?

An entry for the April Odd Couples contest. While this story was written some time ago, it plays nicely into the theme.


Ford is a dragonite who delivers the mail on time, every time, almost. But, can he deliver a new friend from danger before her zealous pack leader declares war on a man who isn't willing to suffer sneasels any longer?

(Pokemon Odd Couple submission.)