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Sequel to Pokemon Advancement by Juug at Deviantart.

The Nightmare was only the beginning. XD-386 was a mere warm-up. With the land of Sinnoh on the horizon, the Chosen One will find old friends, as well as new allies and foes. But nothing will be able to prepare him for an ancient evil that will threaten not just the planet Earth, but all of existence.



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Ford is a dragonite who delivers the mail on time, every time, almost. But, can he deliver a new friend from danger before her zealous pack leader declares war on a man who isn't willing to suffer sneasels any longer?

(Pokemon Odd Couple submission.)


A beloved holiday icon in the world of Pokemon is kidnapped by a group of evil trainers, and two teams of young Pokemon explorers take up the task of rescuing him before something treacherous happens.

Give a Gift Contest Submission - 1st Place

Original Finished Date - Dec 27 2009
Featured Story - 01/03/10