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On the sixth day of autumn 2010, the cult known as Evolution's Gate became disbanded after police discovered the bodies of 47 of its members in the Cerulean Cave.
This is a story where fact and the occult meet, and in which one must question where the line between fantasy and reality is drawn...

Story Notes:

<p><img src="" alt="" /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <span style="font-family:'Freestyle Script';font-size:large;"> What separates sanity from delusion? <br /> <br /> Must the unknown always be met with confusion? <br /> <br /> For only if you are unable to show result <br /> <br /> Can it truly be referred to as the occult <br /> <br /> </span> - Zerobi (Excerpt from notes found at Cerulean Cave) <br /> <br /> <br /> <span style="font-family:'Book Antiqua';font-size:large;"> Our species is beyond understanding! <br /> <br /> There is nothing we cannot conquer! <br /> <br /> The elements shall bow before us! <br /> <br /> Even among our own, we shall be the greatest! <br /></span></p>

  1. Snivy's Story (1231 words)

    I was sitting at home, enjoying a particularly good movie when I got a call from work. Told me to put on the news. "So what? Let one of the newbies handle this" I said, but noooo...

    Crap, I think it's starting to rain, too...

  2. Eve's Story (2153 words)

    Some will tell you that this whole incident began with Zerobi. Some will say that it started with Astrid. For me, it started with fire.

  3. Zerobi's Story (4395 words)

    From Life, Death.
    From Death, Rebirth.
    From Rebirth, Life.
    But only outside of obscurity can you live for all eternity.
    And like the wind, I shall sweep the land forever.

  4. Ghost's Story (3714 words)


    Darn! The GHOST
    can't be ID'd!

  5. Astrid's Story (4777 words)

    Having been born in recluse, I find security in a cage. But can I truly live my life without the company of anyone else...?

    Although one with the earth, I am a lonely, lonely soul.

  6. Story's End (7438 words)

    Survival is the most basic instinct. Some might not make it through the day, while others aim to live forever.

    The story will end
    But life goes on

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