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A curious Buizel discovers her brother mating. The next day, her brother helps to explain to her what she saw and the basics of mating. Desperate to try it, she begs and pleads with her reluctant brother, who turns her down. Although her brother refuses to give her a live demonstration, perhaps there's someone else that can persuade him to go along with it...

This story is based on Middle of Nowhere, and features Tango, Jazz, and Blues. It's not meant to be consistent with the actual story and meant solely as a fun way to quench my perverse writing appetite for the characters I've grown to love.

This story is not consistent with Middle of Nowhere, so things may have happened in this "prequel" that couldn't possibly have in Middle of Nowhere.Treat this one more as an alternate branch that could have happened.

  1. Teaching the Tango (19792 words) [Reviews: 2]

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    Befuddling since 1985, when the Cows came home
    Reviewer: Raw19
    Date:Sep 7 2012 Chapter:Teaching the Tango
    That ending cracked me. I did not see it coming. xDD

    I found this to be a thoroughly enjoyable story and believe you did a great job. The sex was tasteful, the characters interesting, and everything was pretty darn sweet.
    Reviewer: redacted
    Date:Sep 2 2014 Chapter:Teaching the Tango
    Well, that ending sure was a twist to things... Just as well, I suppose.

    The story, oh the story, I for once enjoyed it...even if it was smut (Arceus help me if I come to enjoy this rubbish). I feel like you pieced the characters together perfectly, you also really made the story better by showing the character's thoughts. It made them more, relatiable, I suppose.
    Not all stories word it exactly the way you did, and I congratulat that.

    Now, for the errors of your work.
    Sadly, as most writers do, you frequently made flaus in your grammar. For instance: "Turns it out it was Jazz's chest." Just small careless mistakes such as that.
    Then theres the dialogue between Jazz and Blues, it wasn't necessary. Just an excuse for why Jazz and Tango should have intercourse.
    Your biggest mistake is the ending. It was just rushed and stupid...I can see no point in it, it leaves the reader feeling both stunned and lost. Wondering if there ever was ever any reason to like the characters at all.

    Overall, I really enjoyed your story and adored how you depicted the characters. But also feel as though it could have been better.

    -{ 5 stars__ +1 for enjoyment }-