AGNPH Stories


A shy Vulpix, a popular Espeon! Who knew these two would end up together.

This was my first lemon. I just fixed up the setting for the first four chapters, so hope you all like it. The story get's better as you read.

In this tale you will learn how two lovers met and made love for the first time. With a shy, strong and mysterious Vulpix and a beautiful, popular virgin Espeon female.

Story Notes:

Disclaimer: I do not own pokemon and all publicly recognized characters that are the property of their owners. I am in now way associated with Nintendo or GameFreak, ect. No copyright infringement is intended.

  1. Savin' Me (2011 words)

  2. Confessions (1948 words)

  3. Past, Future and a present from Mom&Dad (3068 words)

  4. BIG Surprises! (4126 words)

  5. Family (4107 words)

  6. Young enough to dread Passion? (4013 words)

  7. Krodic's Mate! (5284 words)

  8. Krodic's Mother (7842 words)

  9. Moving out! (7423 words)

  10. Birth of War (10289 words)

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