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This will be the area for one-shot stories that I write based on requests that I receive. I am always open to requests, but please be aware that I am in school, have a job, and have my own writing projects that I'm working on. It may take a while for me to get to your request. Also, before you make a request, please read my profile to see what things I will NOT accept in a request. Looking forward to hear what you all want!

Stories in this section will be of varying ratings, but I'll still mark it as XXX because this will probably mostly contain adult works.

MOST RECENT UPDATE: Story 15: Snake in the Grass (F-Seviper/M-Human)

Story Notes:

Pokemon, recognizable characters, and settings are copyright to their owners. The specific characters and story are copyright to the author. The author in no way is making a claim to Pokemon or any related properties. This is meant as a work of parody.

  1. Tough Love (6667 words)

  2. Kissed by Flames (5055 words)

  3. The Forgotten One (4507 words)

  4. Photosynthesis (3153 words)

  5. Loyalty Knows No Bounds (7046 words)

  6. The Apple of Her Eye (9157 words)

  7. Awkward Situation (3430 words)

  8. Give a Man a Fish... (4425 words)

  9. Rivalry for Affection (10784 words)

  10. Tough Times, Part I (6480 words)

  11. Tough Times, Part II (10931 words)

  12. Legendary Games (3208 words)

  13. All Work and No Play... (7331 words)

  14. Catch Me if You Can (7102 words)

  15. Snake in the Grass (3984 words) [Reviews: 1]

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    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Jul 29 2013 Chapter:Snake in the Grass
    This was great. Loved the perspective and I saw no errors. But there is one thing I must point out: a Zangoose has the Immunity ability, preventing any poison from taking effect.
    No biggie though.

    {} Achievement Unlocked: 100G
    "Wove a tale that had no spelling or grammatical mistakes."

    {} Achievement Unlocked: 50G
    Snake Eater
    "Use the stealth of a snake to accomplish a task."

    {} Achievement Unlocked: 20G
    "Have one character take its revenge on another by any means."