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There are multiple sides to every story. When a man of faith meets a faithless man, such a story is born. A 20 year old boy named Yeshua has finally gotten the job of his dreams... or has he? The answer lies in a mew.

Cliche theme submission

Story Notes:

I came up with the story one morning, and I've been frantically trying to construct it. This is my first story on AGNPH. I hope you enjoy it. I'll try to update as often as I can

  1. It Begins (2140 words)

  2. By Yeshua's Hands (797 words)

  3. The Powers That Be (1224 words)

  4. Divine Intervention (1640 words)

  5. Penance (924 words)

  6. Sinner (2407 words)

  7. To my readers (53 words)

  8. Repent (1965 words)

  9. The Plague (2331 words)

  10. The Second Coming (1650 words)

  11. Martyr (2785 words)

  12. Notice about the sequel (90 words)

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