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    A Christmas gift for my good friend Hidden Savior. Kinda a rushed effort, but I think it's a good effort. From the journal of Tsukune (creative name, dontcha think?), it talks about a friendship between a Flareon (Tsukune) and a Mudkip (Hidden). Over the course of two weeks, the friendship escalates into more than 'just friends'. Hope you like reading it as much as I liked writing it! And, I decided to leave in the names of both Hidden and myself, I'm not lazy, I chose not to.

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    Ariel and Ben are two typical students at William C. Bonds High School, until Ben finds out Ariel isn't really Ariel, but Jasmine, a Gardevoir who has disguised herself as a human. Then, things take a twist when they attend a special all-pokemon school set in the mysterious Agaror Island. The only way for Ben to go is for Jasmine to transform him into a Arcanine. New friends and foes will help shape their relationship and make it soar to new heights, but she will be competing for his love with many new faces and friends they encounter along the way.

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    As Ash begins his journey in the Sinnoh league, he meets a widowed mother and son who need his help. Over time, they become best friends and eventually, even more. But will this love be tempted by numerous encounters of love that Ash can't even understand?

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