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    It began as any other ordinary night: Sam and his trusted Flygon friend Morena had gone out for a pleasant evening in the heart of Eterna City. But the unexpected occurs when the city is overrun by carnivorous, genetically altered creatures. With no help in sight, Sam and Morena must look death in the eye as they struggle to make it through the night alive. Prequel/ sequel to Biohazard.

    Rated XXX for language, disturbing content, and blood/ gore violence

    2009 Halloween Submission (Repost)

  • Summary:

    April 10: New evolution-enhancing drug, EvolutionX is made widely available in the Eterna Marketplace.

    April 13: 1/8 of EvolutionX consumers have reported developing flu-like symptoms.

    April 13- 5:20 PM: Mutilated body of Zachary Keen is found.

    April 13- 8:19 PM: PRO Bravo Team is dispatched to investigate the Eterna Forest after reports of cannibalistic attacks. PRO Alpha Team is sent to sweep through Eterna City shortly afterwards.

    *Transmission stream interrupted.*

    April 14- 1:56 AM: Morena Sergei, species classification: Flygon, is killed. Companion Sam Chaplain succumbs to the Thyxemia Virus quickly thereafter.


    *Unable to establish upload link. Transmission failed.*

    To say that Aegis Breckin is a badass would be an understatement: she smokes, she drinks, and is one among the most elite in the Sinnoh Region's black operations squad. Looking out exclusively for herself, she works as a mercenary in her spare time, granting her services to whoever can pay her the most.

    When called into action late at night, Breckin is expecting a routine sweep, maybe even a pickup for a classified package. Leaving her bunk to find the entire base in disorder, she soon finds out that there is another matter at hand entirely after her superiors assign her under Human Unit 119's squad, one of the most prestigious squads in the entire military base.

    The mission: neutralize every living citizen in the Eterna City area. Unfortunately for Aegis and the rest of her team, their superiors never told them about the viral-spawned mutants roaming the city.

    Antihero Contest Submission 2010

    Rated XXX for: Rape (sexual content), creature violence, explicit depictions of brutality and gore, language, and strongly disturbing content

    Companion story to Biohazard and Halloween 2009's Biohazard: The City of the Damned

    Characters/ Tags: Ononokusu, Lapras, Jaroda, Raichu

  • Rated:PG-13


    Year: 2258

    Planet: KPC-109/ Serano

    Location: *Information Unavailable*

    In this coming-of-age tale taking place on a lawless world ravaged by desertification, Akio Fields, a no-nonsense drifter with a violent past, stumbles upon the seemingly impossible after an accident during one of planet Serano's infamous sandstorms. Left for dead in the raging desert storm, he happens upon the dwelling of a badly disfigured desert hermit who has some startling surprises in store for him...

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