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    With spring coming in, this year's pests are ready to swarm local farms and orchards. To add to the normal routine pests a new invasive species has also been causing problems too. A new compromise must be formed with a former nuisance to convince the new pest to leave. To the nuisance however, it's also a way to express long term desires. The problem is maturing forms can significantly change one's appearance for the worst.

    "Pick Your Poison 2011" Contest Submission

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    Completely Remastered!

    Having been born with the gift of harnessing the strength of my soul's power I am expected to live through many hells. I never asked anyone to give me such a huge responsibility. I'm a light for humanity, but I must stay alive and sane in order to shine when the right time comes. I am one of two people that must unite humans and pokemon once and for all, but that's a different time. Right now, I'm a child that's been given a power which gives me superior strength physically and mentally. First, I'll test it on the people I hate the most; the people who have wronged my childhood.

    AN: As of August 2011, chapters over 10.5K words (not including ANs) have been split to fit the readers eyes. I thank those reviewers for recommending it.

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    It's impossible to live detached from any form of life; people can't do it and not even pokemon without being driven into insanity. Trying to escape from a violent past, a wild luxray who chose to live in solitude to save his life is nearing his own limit of withdrawal until he encounters a unique pokemon that sparks a glimmer of hope for him to gain a trusting close companion.

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