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"Pick Your Poison, 2011" Contest Entry

An unusual woman with a very unusual form of pokephilia daydreams of memories long past, memories of profound joy and pleasure, and of indescribable pain.

She daydreams of old lives lost and new lives gained, and the end of a chain of death that not even she knows the beginning of.

Be warned, this story is a smorgasbord of fetishes: threesomes, lactation, and most of all, slime. Lots and lots of slime! It's a story featuring Arbok, Eelektross, and Gastrodon. In a couple places there are subtle nods to the works of ShinjiHiroku as well.

This story takes place in the same world as Pokemon Lover Studios, but there's no need to read it to understand anything that takes place here.


With spring coming in, this year's pests are ready to swarm local farms and orchards. To add to the normal routine pests a new invasive species has also been causing problems too. A new compromise must be formed with a former nuisance to convince the new pest to leave. To the nuisance however, it's also a way to express long term desires. The problem is maturing forms can significantly change one's appearance for the worst.

"Pick Your Poison 2011" Contest Submission

Rated: PG-13


A team of explorers stumble upon a damsel in distress, and head off to help, but all is not what it seems...

Pick Your Poison 2011 - Contest Submission - Did Not Place

Original Finished Date - Apr 30 2011


Pick Your Poison 2011 Entry
Second place

Rated: G


This is my entry for this months contest, so...

pick your poison 2011