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    Sam finds himself in a bad situation during the greatest time of year, but that won't bring him down! He's got everything he could need... right?

    Christmas 2010 Contest Entry

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    When one looks back on their life, they will almost definitely feel joy, sorrow, and perhaps even hate. Most people look back on their lives and regret decisions they made. When love becomes a component, however, your views can become quite skewed.

    Follow Desmond as he is coerced into going back through his life, whether or not he wants to.

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    (2010 Occult Themed Contest Entry.)
    When enough people push you over the edge, you can find yourself in many places, feeling many different emotions, especially when seeking your revenge. You can feel happiness for the first time in a long while, you can feel the void in your heart filled, you feel a sense of accomplishment. You can almost never feel remorse.

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