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Rated:PG-13 [Reviews: 1]


Matt and his quilava Kali have just began their journey through Johto. But everything isn't always as it seems. For some, it's a journey of a lifetime. For others, it's a second chance.


Join Dragonite and Flygon as they grow up, and finally cross paths one fateful day.

Pokédex Entries Theme

Rated:PG [Reviews: 3]


Join Noah the Linoone as he discovers the joys and pains of raising a kid.

Parenthood 2014 Contest Entry


Mark is just an ordinary guy, living on Earth.  You know, the one where Pokémon is just a video game, nothing more.  Or is it?

One day an unexpected Eevee appears out of nowhere, throwing them both into a strange, new adventure together.  What will become of them?  Only time will tell...


Reviews greatly appreciated.  Whatever makes me a better writer.