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Join Noah the Linoone as he discovers the joys and pains of raising a kid.

Parenthood 2014 Contest Entry


Mark is just an ordinary guy, living on Earth.  You know, the one where Pokémon is just a video game, nothing more.  Or is it?

One day an unexpected Eevee appears out of nowhere, throwing them both into a strange, new adventure together.  What will become of them?  Only time will tell...


Reviews greatly appreciated.  Whatever makes me a better writer.


Random stories with trainers and Pokemon. Done for fun but mostly for smut.


The chapters are not connected in the sense of having the same characters in each one, however, they all have three key things in common:

1) They are all short stories

2) They all an intimate/romantic relationship with Pokemon involved

3) After the first story, they all became requests from members here.


The second of my Starting in the Lab series, this time featuring the starters of the Johto region -- Chikorita and Totodile. The two of them are best friends and have a shared interest of acting and performing together, but when their curiosities get the better of them and they discover some of Professor Elm's research photos, they want to take their playing to a whole new level.

And, once the replacement Cyndaquil is brought in to complete the set of starters, how will they react to being in the presence of a real live male? To what lengths will they go to satisfy their own curiosities?


A boy is transformed into a pokemon during a time in which the world is mostly controlled by a highly perverted exploration team. Joining a team himself, will he seek to complete missions, or is his destiny to bring down the tyranny of team Poke Whores?



A male charmander meets a male cyndaquil. They begin to experiment and...Well, read it to find out!