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Hiro is a new student in mystery academy,his life is calm and quiet rather boring until a female espeon comes in his life and changes all that forever.


12345qwe from FA wanted to do a collab. Thus this story was created.

All rights reserved to their owners. Story belongs to me and 12345qwe. No copyright infringement intended.

Vore and Violence


Vecransyh and his best friend Kazamaru are two Pokemon trainers just starting out but neither of them could have predicted the road ahead of them...
(reviews are appreciated)Chapters one and two are very poorly written but trust me when i say the writing gets much better starting in chapter three and continues improving throughout the story
Tags: Shaymin Latios Latias Mew Arcanine Swampert Froslass Mismagius Aggron Lucario Luxray Floatzel