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Arc the morphic Raichu, in a fight for the memories of his previous life, tries to lock his mind back into focus. It finally works, and slowly, he begins to remember his life, growing up as a science experiment.

Warning: Contains minor depictions of violence, suffering, and death.

Original Finished Date - Nov 26 2004



Nico the Bayleef confides in his friends Scy and Iggy on a love situation. After getting him back into spirits, the two decides Nico could use a special activity to make him feel totally better.

Original Finished Date - Oct 31 2004


After a huge fight with his arch-rival, Vyth the Wolf is accidentally planeshifted to the realm of Pocket Monsters. He admires the wildlife and begins his trek through the wilderness...

This story has been discontinued.

Last Updated Date - Jan 15 2004