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Living a normal life is what Hiroshi wanted. But once again, fate would think otherwise...and a few fox deities as well.

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Parody, Action(later in the story) and Smut.


Artemus was a very troubled geneticist, troubled most by his past. In attempts to search for a cure to his genetic curse, he finds himself forced to adopt a new life, when things take a very sadistic turn on his behalf.

At his side, his trusty companion is an Alakazam named Jonas, who uses a weighted staff to focus his psychic energies, and maintain his physical fitness.


A quick little short story done for /vp/.

A little anthro Glaceon boy and an unknown man meet at the beach.


There are many stories talking about anthros, and many stories focused purely on ferals. I think there needs to be a bridge to close the gap, and this is my attempt at that. It is the story, starting from before birth, of the first anthro. A beautifly, named First.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended


This is a story about a unique Umbreon and the fate that surrounds him.



PokemonxBleach crossover. You don't like crossovers then kindly turn around and walk away )

Their world is gone, torn apart by an unspeakable force. The two survivors believed they were able to destroy this force completely, but they were wrong, now it has set its sights on another world, only they know how destructive it can be. New allies will fight, old enemies rise
again, eternal bonds will be made, all of them connected by the Twines of Fate
(Rukario Romance belongs to XD385 and Cameronjc. Bleach Belongs to Tite Kubo. I dont own pokemon) (Chapter 2 editted due to the fact I realized Ashton deserved more credit.)


Ok. A mostly smutty story featuring family fun.


Late FETEP2 entry. Hope it still counts! Contains incest and a bit of roleplay, as per the requirements for at least 2 of the 4 fetishes given.

A Luxray father has had feelings for his teenage Luxio daughter for the longest time, since she's the spitting image of her late mother, in every conceivable way. After a fight with some bullies at her school in front of him makes him realize his error in waiting so long, he decides to come clean and confess his feelings to his daughter in an unusual way.

(Might do a non-contest version, with more effort into it and feral, like I had intended to initially for this idea.


Update 1/4/2023: I chose to do anthro versus feral as I initially planned for this, even though it wasn't a fetish like it was in the later FETEP 3 contest. ^^; Partially due to how fast I had to write it but mainly as it was the only way to do the "roleplay" fetish, since feral Pokemon seem unlikely to do that and "bondage" didn't fit with the respect I had in mind for the father to his daughter, especially for their first time. Much less did "tentacles" fit in here with the species I'd long-ago settled on using for my initial plan on this one.


Small spoiler: Even though I reread/skimmed most of this today, I didn't do all of it. And from my recollection, pretty sure I never said what the species of Lily's mother was in this version. But if I ever rewrite this as I intended to years ago, I will fix/add a lot of things to it.)


A Ninetales looking to fulfill a personal taboo fantasy finally seduces his bi-curious Arcanine father in a creative way.

Warning: Contains incest.

FETEP 2, Jan 2011 Contest Submission - 2nd Place

Original Finished Date - Feb 1 2011
Featured Story - 02/01/11


Chip buys a moonstone from Clefairy Tales Inc. so that his best friend, a nidorino named King, can evolve into a nidoking like he promised that he would.

However, there were a number of very unexpected changes that came with the evolution.


Jack finished his education and has now moved from Pallet town over to Littleroot in the Hoenn region. With his new friend, May, and others he'll meet along the way, he will face some of the best times in his life, and some of the worst...


Jack is an average high school student. His favorite past time is playing his pokemon video games. But the day his summer vacation starts he finds himself transported to the world of pokemon. He soon learns that almost everything in the game is wrong. But when he has the choice to return to his home. Will he stay or will he go? Ether way he's about to find out that the real pokemon world is more then a game.

I've been working on this for a few years now and hopefully finished the first chapter.

Also there's a female/female part in the first chapter if you don't like that. Then I'm sorry it won't happen agin.


Christmas time is looking to be lonely for a Lucario, but his Typhlosion mate has a different plan for him.
Christmas 2010 story contest entry.Edit: 1st place winner of Christmas 2010 contest.


In the 'real' world, there's a human male whose dreams are always through the eyes of a female Lucario who is abused by her trainer, a prospecting Rocket admin. And it's likewise, for her. Neither of them know if the other really exists.

However, when said trainer is caught and arrested, both the human and the Pokemon decide to try and discover the truth... And meet each other for real, if they can.


This is the sequel of Legendary Chaos (or S.T.A.R. Encounters on that everyone's been bugging me to do.

BlazerRaylock for the whole chapter and me for the edit and stuff so yeah, please rate and review.