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A mercenary tries to forget all the horror he's seen, all the blood, gore and sickening stuff that only a mercenary would see. He wants to find a reason to live, something to make the pain go away, he finds something more. A soul mate. A Lucario. But this man and Lucario aren't the only ones that find love. They won't be the only ones fighting for their lives.


Banished for helping an outsider a Zoroark guides an injured Lucario across the region of Anterim to thenonly available safe haven, Victini's Wish, before they are hunted down and killed by his own clan.



Six apparent strangers are invited to a modest but lavish mansion at the owner's behest. Why are they there? And what happens when disaster strikes?

Rise of the Cliche Contest Submission - 2nd Place

Original Finished Date - May 31 2009
Featured Story - 06/01/09


'You can't ever have children of your own.' I was told that once, before I left my home to start a life for myself. But I was able to have children of my own, and these are my memories of the joys and pains of Parenthood. I will change the rating when the content get more explicit.