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Upon trying to have a perfectly normal life without any setbacks, Stormy the Salandit encounters Zero - the infamous Zoroark that no one will shut up about.

Oddly enough, he does live up to his reputation as the smooth-talking Trickster.


Nix the eevee is a solo explorer who wants to take on higher rank job missions, but can't due to his solo status. Eventually he decides to take a more active approach to finding people. In doing so, he ends up having quite the experience, both good, and bad.


Liam is like your everyday rockruff, well, besides the fact that his fur is red and his eyes pretty much light up in the dark. He has you're typical friends and a loving family.

But one day, something happened, something huge that will not only affect Liam, but his friends too.

Rated: XXX


Observe the antics of a lewd lizard.

Female Salandit / Male Flygon & Male Human